Our Locations

Find your DifRent location

Whether you need to commute to the city, want access to great schools, or enjoy some socialising, you’re bound to find your perfect next move. Covering four major regions in the UK, our developments are well placed to get you where you want to be whilst providing a great base to call home.

  • Cheshire

    Providing access to the wider region but with a vibe all of its own, Cheshire is a characterful and diverse location perfect for families.

  • Greater Manchester

    From sites with easy access to the city centre, to suburbs with a bit more green space to breathe, we’ve a whole host of fantastic developments waiting to be discovered.

  • Merseyside

    There’s so much on offer in Merseyside, with Liverpool and its wealth of culture right on your doorstep.

  • West Midlands

    Our West Midland site is well placed to the west of Birmingham, providing an excellent location for the wider region.

    West MidlandsA